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Our Mission

The SSA is a global organization whose purpose is to promote and develop the use of sweet sorghum, a renewable and sustainable resource, for processing into ethanol and other bio-derivatives. The objectives of SSA are:

  1. To provide a mechanism for communication among producers, processors, researchers and other interested parties in the sweet sorghum ethanol and bio-products industry.
  2. To provide a mechanism for the SSA membership to express its common needs and interests in the research, processing, marketing and pertinent legislation of the sweet sorghum ethanol and bio-products industry.
  3. To provide effective distribution of educational and scientific information on ethanol and other bio-derivatives from sweet sorghum to all interested parties.
  4. To encourage financial contributions and donations by individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies to fund SSA activities.
  5. To keep our members updated on the current varieties of sweet sorghum, sources of seed, equipment, processing technology, financing and legislative activities.
  6. To undertake in a timely manner any lawful activity that is necessary to promote the best interests of this Association.
  7. To encourage the development of international standards for the measurement and reporting of sweet sorghum data.
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